To be born into power over others, in a system so complex and unjust that how to lend a helping hand is hard to know, is sometimes heartbreaking to live with.

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You're lying in the street, I'm lying in my bed, but it is the same sleep aching in our heads. Snow is beautiful to me, but I don't have to freeze. A pillow made from snow - not so soft though.

I gave you all my wishes, because your wishes were so grand. I gave up all my hopes and dreams and put them in your hand. With the wishes of a prophet, but the logic of a poor, you sold them, bought a loaf of bread at the nearest service store.

It kept you alive for three more days, but those wishes kept you warm. So on Friday you and your void hope died in a winter storm. A loaf of bread and sorrow - that's what my wish was worth when I gave it to a prophet on the poor side of the world.

If I'd given dollars instead of fictional dreams, maybe you'd still be here making your brilliant schemes. But what is anyone’s dream worth when you struggle every day, when you sell all your wishes just to die another day.

You have trouble sleeping - I have trouble too, for I am the one keeping the pillow away from you.

About the song
Logic is released in a bundle of "three old songs" - songs from the earlier stages of our development. Probably composed in early forms somewhere in the late 1990s, this version was recorded in the beginning of this millennium and has since then been mixed and re-mixed and modified. This version is mastered by Robert Halvarsson. Henric has composed and plays the guitar, Martin has written the lyrics and sings. Martina Forsgren sings choir and Annasara Lundgren play the violin.

Henric met Martina Forsgren when they were both studying political science at Karlstad University. She contributed with some vocals for this song. Martina has since left moved to Gothenburg and sings in the indie pop band Pretties for you.  

Annasara Lundgren has composed and recorded the violin parts for the song and is a friend of Martin and Henric since many years ago. They originally met in their birth town Trolhättan through mutual friends. Annasara has studied violin at Malmö academy of music.

We also like to thank Robert Halvarsson who helped us finalize the mixing of the song with his sensitive mastering. 

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